The Band

Danielle Santelli : Lead Vocals
Tommy Vincient : Lead Guitar / Vocals
Will Payne: Bass / Vocals
Chris Elrod: Keyboards / Vocals
Jerry Turmaine: Drums / Vocals

Our Story

Mischief was founded as an alternative to the "status quo" classic rock cover band. The change was afoot. All we needed was the perfect lineup of professional, committed, fun and ohhh TALENTED musicians. If you build it they will come, right? Come they did in the form of Tommy Vincient, Will Payne, Danielle Santelli, Chris Elrod and Jerry Turmaine. The group quickly gelled into on of South Florida's Premier Rock bands. What you'll notice right off the bat is how the band gets into the "pocket" and cruises into the groove of the music. It's infectious really. Most bands only have one singer, Mischief has all five members singing lead and backing vocals. The Heartbeat comes in the form of our phenomenal bass guitarist. Will slaps the bass better than anybody and pays particular attention to detail. Joining Will in the rhythm section is Jerry Turmaine. Driving the band on drums and percussion. This dynamic duo runs this infectious crazy train. Tommy Vincient comes to us by way of an extensive rock and roll resume including groups such as Heartless, One Red Wall, Martini Band and Far From Grace. His melodic acoustic and shredding guitar solos add that "PUNCH" to the band. The "guy who plays everything else" is Chris Elrod on keyboard. Horn section, guitar, piano, synth and maybe even tuba if we needed one. Standing in the front of the band is our outstanding lead vocalist, Danielle Santelli. Belting out the soulful style of Aretha Franklin with the technical range of Stevie Nicks. She is able to deliver a powerhouse performance that hits you in your toes. Together we are Mischief. We hail from all corners of the United States, infusing the R&B from the West Coast and the Groove from Boston with the energy of New York and the flavor of South Florida.

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